In order to increase campus unity and to better serve student groups, the four undergraduate student councils of Columbia University—Columbia College Student Council (CCSC), Engineering Student Council (ESC), General Studies Student Council (GSSC), and the Student Government Association (SGA)—created a joint committee in the Fall of 2010: the Joint Council Co-Sponsorship Committee (JCCC). This Committee is continuing for the 2013-2014 year, with a few key changes:

  • Groups may now explicitly denote the specific Council(s) from which they are applying for funding.
  • The co-sponsorship process has been set to a regular, predictable weekly schedule (details below).
  • The turnaround for requests has now been reduced to approximately six (6) days.
  • Hearings will occur jointly, but final decisions will be made by respective Councils (and therefore not necessarily funded in ratio).

The goal of the Committee, however, has not changed: the enrichment of student life through financial support of established student clubs and organizations and the streamlining of the bureaucratic processes for accessing such funds. Specifically, the JCCC aims to fund new initiatives and those that their respective governing boards are unable to support. As such, the JCCC asks student groups to first approach their respective governing board for a co-sponsorship or appeal prior to requesting Council support. (Consequently, groups are asked to provide the signature of an executive member of their respective governing board or their group’s representative to said governing board.)

Please note that all co-sponsorship requests to any combination of Councils must go through the Joint Council Co-Sponsorship Committee, even when the request is for only one of the four Councils.


First, request funding from your governing board. If they grant your request—great! If not, or if the funding is insufficient for your needs, then locate the funding application on the Joint Finance Council LionLink page (under “Documents”). Keep in mind that the linked form is meant as a guide for the kind of information that must be submitted in a complete application. It is acceptable to submit event and budget forms in a different format as long as they include all the information required by the original application. Once your application is accepted, you will be asked to make a presentation at the weekly JCCC meeting on Sundays at 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM in Lerner Boardroom 501. The Committee will then make recommendations to the Councils, who will make a final decision.

The process directly pertaining to submission of the application and notification is explained in detail in the following table:


5:00 PM Deadline to submit application and any supplementary documentation to [email protected].


12:00 PM Receive an email from the Chair of the JCCC (rotates monthly) that gives a presentation time on Sunday between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM.


5:00 – 6:00 PM Attend scheduled presentation slot in Lerner Boardroom 501.

following Wednesday

5:00 PM Receive notification of total amount of co-sponsorship.

following Thursday

12:00 PM The Chair of the JCCC will submit for the transfer of funds from the Chair’s Council account to the group’s account by this time.

Please note that on weeks when the CCSC, ESC, GSSC, or SGA do not meet, the co-sponsorship process will be delayed, and the process cannot be completed until all four Councils have met following the group’s presentation to the JCCC.


The hearings will be chaired by one of the Council treasurers, a role which will rotate on a monthly basis by alphabetical order of Council name, beginning with CCSC in the month of September 2011. The Chair will be responsible for:

  • Moderation and facilitation of weekly meetings,
  • Appointing a Secretary from his or her Council to take meeting notes.
  • Notification to the group of the JCCC decision, and
  • Payment to the group from the Chair’s Council account. (A running tab of all payments made will be kept by the Chair of and the accounts will be settled at the end of every month.)

Committee Chairs:
Due to certain issues regarding board turnovers, the monthly rotation has been slightly modified. Please see below for the chairing schedule of the Committee.

  • September/October 2011: CCSC
  • November 2011: ESC
  • December 2011: GSSC
  • January/February (1st half) 2012: CCSC
  • February (2nd half)/March 2012: SGA
  • April 2012: ESC
  • May 2012: GSSC


  1. Council Treasurers and their respective Co-Sponsorship Committees will review the Joint Council Co-Sponsorship Applications as they are submitted.
  2. The student group will attend the weekly JCCC meeting and make one presentation to the Co-Sponsorship Committees of all four Councils.
  3. The student group will be asked to leave so that the JCCC can conduct Round One of deliberation and voting. Following general discussion, moderated by the Chair, each Council’s Co-Sponsorship Committee will vote on an initial amount.
  4. Once the results of Round One are shared, the Chair conducts Round Two of deliberation and voting. (This second round was created for cases when a Council votes to not co-sponsor an event in the first round. In such an instance, the Councils who did choose to co-sponsor the event may recalibrate their co-sponsorship amount so as to cover the gap left by the Council which did not co-sponsor the event.)
  5. Once Round Two of voting concludes, the internal JCCC amount (and division between Councils) is decided and each Council Treasurer must then take these numbers to his or her respective general Council meeting for full Council approval.
  6. Funding will be finalized when all four Councils have passed a vote on the co-sponsorship.


Any general questions or comments should be directed to [email protected].

For Council-specific questions, please contact: