Campus Life Committee

  • Homecoming was this weekend
    • Gave away over 700 t-shirts
    • Had over 250 snapchat followers
    • Gave away an iPad and a Columbia sweatshirt
  • Screening of Night of the Living Dead on November 2
  • Basketball Mania is going to be on November 6 – slamjam theme


  • Made a spreadsheet of WTF Columbia issues directly related to Campus Services to discuss with Scott Wright during this meeting
  • Polled about the Alumni Air miles fund today
  • Continuing to work on Navigate Columbia—will hopefully be done on CCSC’s end by the end of Fall Break


  • Sejal and Peter had a meeting with Dean Valentini and Dean Marinaccio
  • Lerner Hall Advisory Committee Meeting on Friday
    • Starting from the lobby and then moving upward
    • Took a tour of the mail services space. They are talking about taking the mailboxes out and putting in more group study space.
  • Meeting with Scott Wright
    • Havemeyer is one of the buildings that is not accessible and it will be changed soon
    • Discussed fixing up the steps outside of Butler

Policy Committee


  • Exciting changes that will be rolled out regarding Financial Aid—keep an eye out for that
  • Grayson Warick, Academic Affairs Representative, and Sejal Singh, VP Policy, will be reaching out to the Fellowships Office about making sure that they are staffed fully and fully meeting students needs.
  • Charles Sanky, Student Services Representative, Grayson Warrick, Academic Affairs Representative, and Chris George, Pre-Professional Representative, had a meeting with Columbia Student Advising about connecting students to faculty
    • Also discussed allowing first-year students to be put on listservs about their tentative majors, department heads having office hours for all students, and trying to find ways for open houses and other department events to be publicized to first-year students.


Finance Committee

  • A lot of JCCC applications
    • Good to see a lot of unrecognized student groups apply who applied through recognized student groups
  • Capital Investments Fund: will be looking at applications soon
  • Discussion about Student Activities Fee and possibly raising it


  • Agenda will be now made public for every Senate committee—the only exception to it will be the Budget Committee
  • Finally formed the International Students’ Feedback Group
  • Because of the new IT director coming in, as well as new representation on the Senate IT committee, open data might be happening

2015 Class Council

  • Senior Homecoming tailgate was successful
  • Will be putting out their application for Senior Dinner Co-Chair
  • Encouraging all seniors to start registering for their senior portraits
  • Lerner Pub coming up
  • Apply for the Degree event coming up – free tanks and giveaways

2016 Class Council

  • Grilled Cheese event last week which was a huge success
  • Apparel sales just closed—went way above the target
  • Thinking of partnering with a philanthropy for future events—will let the class vote on which one it is
  • Sameer Mishra, 2015 Class Representative, is doing different career events with different student groups
  • Junior Carnival: thinking of renting out Roone Auditorium in January

2017 Class Council

  • Meeting about Spring Formal on Wednesday
  • Major Discovery Event: November 21
  • Apparel sales have just closed

2018 Class Council

  • First study break scheduled for next week
  • Partnering with Student Wellness Project to have upperclassmen discuss with first-years about midterms in an event coming soon
  • Off-campus party scheduled for November 13


Discussion with Scott Wright, Vice President for Campus Services

  • Q: What is currently happening with Environmental Stewardship?
    • A: Working right now on six different initiatives; three of them are form the Green Fund, a fund put together for student projects
      • Recycling initiative to see what is and what is not being recycled has been started at East Campus and Carman. He discussed standardizing trash and recycling bins across campus.
      • Helped to work with Dining and Housing on Green Monday—will see a lot more visible reminders about Green Monday and Dining in the future.
  • Q: What updates are there for Print Services, specific to a Global Printing Queue?
    • A: The Print Services which Scott Wright oversees are not under CUIT but are printing for student groups and faculty. He would, however, like to look at the technology behind how we are printing on campus when a new VP for CUIT comes in
      • Follow-up question: What would be the best way to access print services if you were a part of a student group?
        • A: Should call and go through the director of print services
  • Q: Towards the beginning of this semester, the package center had a very long wait time—is there anyway to fix this during peak times at the package center?
    • A: Yes: there was a plan for the package center to move quickly. One of the important things about this plan is that it would not take up other spaces in Lerner. A part of this plan is to put out the contract for the third-party service that handles the mail in the package center. Another part of this plan is to eventually end getting paper mail through the mailbox system. Next year, in the month of September, the room 477 will be out of the booking system so that it can be used for another satellite package center. They are also looking at the idea for a system like Amazon lockers. No excuse for the line that we had this year—just plain incompetence.
      • Follow-up: In the interim, is it possible to move the location of where your package is at the very front of the email?
        • A: Seems like a very simple thing, but the current vendor tells us that this is not possible. Next year, this will be happening.
      • Peter Bailinson, CCSC President, asked what people would like to see in place of this mailbox space.
      • Singh asked how big the space is. Scott answered that the rooms are about 300 sq. feet
      • Just in the last week or two, UEM worked with the people who are working on the campus resource library. If this program were to grow, this space could be used for storage (especially since it might not be great meeting space since it is slanted like the ramps).
      • Discussed the importance of having students involved in the process of allocating space, especially in Lerner. This comes in direct response to the movement of the Rape Crisis Center into Lerner, and the lack of communication to students about this.
  • Q: Are you collecting feedback on some of the new Dining changes?
    • A: Not sure other than what is being discussed in the Dining Advisory committee meetings.
    • More changes: number of things that are planned around Green Monday. Hot and cold take-outs planned that are sustainable. There has been a request to keep dinner open later until 9 o’clock which will hopefully be happening next semester or this. There is also a request for more breakfast options.
    • Also, something that came up was the issue of no food places being open over breaks. Changes this year include food baskets over fall break and, for Spring Break, looking to have 200 students to purchase a 5-day meal plan.
  • Q: When will the new Ferris staircase be added?
    • A: Will probably be done over Spring Break, summer at the latest. It is a challenge to have a staircase to connect the third and fourth floor without taking up too much seating.
  • Q: Students who changed their UNI did not have access to their dining plans for two weeks. Do you know what we can do in the future to prevent that?
    • A: If you go in and change your UNI, there shouldn’t be any of those problems. If you go in and get a new UNI, this is where the problem occurs. Scott will reach out to people in CUIT to ask that they flag this to people who are trying to change their UNIs.
  • Q: Question about Barnard swipe access to JJs.
    • A: As far as they know, the only time that Barnard students have been able to get into JJs has been at the beginning of this year. There has been no record of this in the past. Because there is a business exchange at the end of the year, i.e. Barnard pays Columbia Dining to feed their students and Columbia pays Barnard Dining to feed their students, and because there are much more options at Columbia than at Barnard, it is up to Barnard Dining to open up swiping into JJs to Barnard students.
  • Q: How does Facilities decide to price Housing and Dining every year?
    • A: A number of departments (comprised of those arguing for the non-tuition fees that students pay), presents to the President, the Provost, and the Trustees about the budget. There are certain increases that happen every year, i.e. salary raises and personnel increases. There are other increases such as new buildings as well. Infrastructure repairs in addition to cost of living expenses have caused the fee to go up by about 5% every year.
    • A: In terms of Dining, facilities improvements have always been funded by more purchases in the meal plans. Every year, there have been about 300 more people buying voluntary meal plans.
  • Q: With the package center and satellite centers, is there any way in the early weeks to group the packages by name groups (i.e. A-F in Carman and G-Z in Lerner)
    • A: There should be a way to do this, but the only reason that it might not be possible is because the packages are grouped by size.
  • Q: Columbia is one of the only major universities to not have a university-wide environmental stewardship plan. Is there anyway to fix that?
    • A: The advisory committee is working for a campus-wide sustainability plan and is working with an outside resource. Recently completed the installation of the dashboard project for environmental stewardship so that students can look at the Energy Report Cards for each building.
  • Q: Is there any way to open up more music practice space on campus?
    • A: It is up to the Lerner Space Committee on how to allocate the space in Lerner.
    • Scott has been trying to find music practice space in a residence hall but issue comes with swipe access at that point.
  • Q: Why is Health Services closed on the weekends?
    • A: Urgent Care is opened on Saturdays
    • A:The issue with Sundays is staffing.
  • Q: Why are first-years are only allowed to use two swipes at JJs for snacks?
    • A: Part of making first-years sign up for the meal plan is because people want to make sure that first-years will have places to eat, and because they want to create a social space for first-years. Because of the first issue of nutrition, the plan is very rigid.
      • Follow-up: The largest upper-classmen meal plan is 14 meals a week as opposed to a set amount per semester. Is there a reason for this?
        • A: This came out of the Dining Advisory Committee meeting as a student request.
  • Q: Is there any way that we could open the tunnels?
    • A: While this is not Scott’s area, one reason why the tunnels are possibly not open is that they have very low ceilings and pipes and they are currently not legal to use as a public thoroughfare. Also, at certain points, they give access to the general areas of labs.
  • Q: How is Lerner and the large administrative presence in Lerner fitting into the conversation around Manhattanville?
    • A: We would love to get Health Services out of residence halls and Lerner and into a health building specifically .
      • Follow-up: There is a large issue with wait times at CPS. If we want to expand staffing, is the constraint space or funding?
        • A: Both: right now, Columbia has zoning issues that we are working on.
        • On 120th street, there are two large apartments that CPS could hopefully be moved to and strictly make it for graduate students.
        • They also want to make CPS drop-in offices in residence halls open longer than the daily drop-in hours
  • Q: In Carman Hall, the shared suite-hallway light is set up in such a way that you can’t turn it off by the time that you get to unlock your door. Could we convert this to a motion sensor?
    • A: Scott will ask about it. Comparatively, Carman is a newer building so, hopefully there will be no block to putting in new switches.
  • Q: Would it be possible to add a second turnstile to the Broadway entrance of Lerner?
    • A: No, because there is the disabled access door there.
      • Follow-up: is there anyway to add a staffed entrance like the one on the campus-side?
        • A: Yes but that would be expensive. Lerner is paid for 2/3 by the rent from the bookstore and Citi Bank.
  • Scott ended by encouraging students to come to Campus Services with issues that they might have about any out-of-the-classroom issues.


Wednesday is the National Carry the Weight Day of Action, a day when students will be carrying mattresses in support of survivors all over the country. CCSC will be participating.