The CCSC Finance Committee is responsible for effectively and responsibly allocating CCSC’s ~$1million annual budget. Most of this money (over $600k) is allocated in May to Club Governing Boards, which then allocate funds to all of the undergraduate student groups. The remaining money is spent by CCSC on school-wide events via class councils and the Campus Life Committee. Throughout the year, the Finance Committee ensures that the internal spending is done correctly and responsibly. Additionally, our committee co-operates a handful of funds which student groups can apply to throughout the year, such as the Joint-Council Co-Sponsorship Committee and Capital Investments Fund. The Committee will also be working with student groups and Columbia administrators to make things simpler and more affordable for student groups.

Finance Committee meetings are every Sunday, from 3:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. in Lerner 505L and open to all interested students!

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Fall 2014 Semester Report

Every semester, the Communications committee works to compile a record of what CCSC worked on over the past semester. This report is intended to serve as both a record of what Council accomplished, and as a reflection on the ways in which Council can improve in the coming semesters. We hope that you take a look and, as always, please contact [email protected] with any questions or comments. 2014 Fall Semester [&hellip

SPGs 2014
Student Project Grant Applications

SPG Application The Columbia College Student Council (CCSC) Student Project Grants are a way for students to receive funding for individual projects that improve or benefit the Columbia College community that they would otherwise be unable to carry out. Students can apply for a grant of up to $2000 to carry out a proposed project with CCSC helping them throughout the process, including help with booking space, event planning, and [&hellip

CCSC Co-Sponsorship Application

The Columbia College Student Council has a compelling interest in seeing both recognized and unrecognized student groups on campus succeed. To support the efforts of student leaders and their respective organizations, The CCSC Co-Sponsorship Fund was created by the Columbia College Student Council in March 2014. The purpose of the fund is to financially support unrecognized student groups with allocation resources in their efforts to create and maintain on- and [&hellip

Fall 2013 End of the Semester Report

Click here to find the CCSC Fall 2013 End of the Semester Report

Student Project Grants Winners

After much review, CCSC has released the list of Student Project Grants winners! Below are this year’s recipients: Reina Imagawa: Creating a unified sense of community across and beyond Columbia’s campus by offering opportunities for students to provide language services to communities in need. Daniela Lopez: Holding an outdoor dance party that promotes Latiná culture through the music selection, food vendors, and teamwork of all the Latiná and Caribbean cultural [&hellip

CCSC Student Project Grants Application

Student Project Grants The Columbia College Student Council (CCSC) Student Project Grants are a fantastic way for individual students to receive funding for individual projects that they would otherwise be unable to carry out. This year, with the expertise and assistance from the Governing Boards, the Student Project Grants have been re-envisioned as a way for students to propose project ideas that fall under the fundamental aspects of student life [&hellip

Apply to the Capital Investment Fund

Does your student group need money to fund overhauls of your equipment and supplies? Apply to the Capital Investment Fund! The Fund, capped at $20,000, was created to allow student groups to revamp now-outdated equipment or technology in order to remain modern, effective, and/or safe. Examples might include Columbia TV’s need to purchase new cameras or Columbia Kayaking’s need to replace their boats for safety reasons. Applications are due on [&hellip

Fall 2012 Semester Progress Report

The CCSC Communications Committee has produced a comprehensive overview of the student council’s work this semester. The goal of this report is to highlight the types of goals that CCSC can accomplish. Hopefully, this serves as a catalyst for our peers to reach out to us about issues they want us to solve.

Student Project Grants winners

The CCSC Finance Committee is proud to announce the 8 winners of this year’s Student Project Grants. It was very hard to pick the following 8 winners and we are deeply thankful to all who applied. Following is a list of the winners as well as a short quote from their application: Grace Tan and Constance Castillo – “Decide to Win”, “Spirit in Motion”, and “I think, Therefore I am”. A [&hellip

Capital Investment Fund application deadline extended

Due to Hurricane Sandy, the deadline for the Capital Investment Fund has been extended to Friday, Nov. 9, at 11:59 pm.  Does your student group face financial difficulties because of high overhead costs? Has your club struggled to save up enough funding for necessary big-ticket investments? Need to overhaul your equipment or update your gear? Apply to the Capital Investment Fund, a new fund created this year by the four student [&hellip

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